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A, Newbury

I hadn’t tried hypnotherapy before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I needn’t have worried, and I am so glad I found Karen. I have always had a fear of flying and hadn’t been on a plane for about 8 years, but my son was getting married abroad and I needed and wanted to be there. However, the anxiety was overwhelming me and spoiling my anticipation of the wedding.


Karen is so friendly and easy to talk to and I felt supported and reassured at each session. Her relaxation tape has also given me the best sleep quality I’ve had for years, which was an unexpected bonus. My confidence grew steadily and I’m delighted to say I was able to get on the plane and enjoy the experience and am even hoping to fly again very soon! I couldn’t have done it without Karen’s amazing help and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with phobias or anxiety

A, Hungerford

I saw a hypnotherapist years ago in my hometown when I wanted to quit smoking (which I did!).  So when I recently experienced a crippling bout of anxiety due to stress at work I decided to seek out a local hypnotherapist.  This is how I discovered Karen and I am so glad I did!  Karen is so approachable and easy to talk to - put simply she is excellent at her job! Every session helped me relax more and gave me tools to cope with my anxiety.  After half a dozen sessions I was feeling back to my old self but I continue to have monthly sessions with Karen through choice as I enjoy them and they help give me a monthly check-in for my mental health.  I couldn't recommend Karen highly enough for anyone struggling to cope with stress or anxiety.

P, Tadley

I had been suffering with IBS and stress for many years and the situation was getting worse that I really needed to do something about it. My sister suggested I tried a local hypnotherapist and she sent me Karen’s details.

I was a bit apprehensive about the 1st phone call but as soon as I had spoken to Karen I knew this was something I really wanted to try.  After just my first session with Karen in her lovely therapy cabin I felt at ease, relaxed and more positive about what I could do to help myself.  That night I listened to the relaxation track that Karen had sent me and fell asleep before it had finished, I have listened to it every night. Karen is so easy to talk to and understanding, I feel comfortable around her.  I have had 12 sessions and each week I would look forward to them as they made me feel more positive about myself and more at ease with things, it has changed my life and I am slowly conquering my fears. I would highly recommend it.  So a really ‘BIG’ thank you Karen.

P, Newbury

I had a session with Karen and all I can say is "Wow!", Karen is a natural listener and she made me feel comfortable from the start.  She is understanding and patient, I would 100% recommended her. I will definitely be returning again for another session with Karen.

B, London

Wow! Karen managed the impossible. My son (who fights sleep and resists any attempt to relax him) fell asleep before the recording ended and stayed asleep all night. Normally he hates relaxation tracks and things like guided meditations, but he told us, 'this was more like a story and I liked it.' Karen's voice is soothing and reassuring and the whole family now uses the track when we need to feel calm and relaxed. Thank you, Karen. 

M, Newbury

I contacted Karen after struggling with anxiety and depression for a number of years.  A change at work exacerbated my issues and I knew I needed to do something.  As soon as I spoke to Karen on the phone I knew I had made a good decision.  Her therapy "cabin" is so welcoming and I was at ease as soon as I arrived for my first session.  Over the following weeks I had regular visits to Karen and it was life-changing - my whole outlook changed and I was able to work without anxiety due to changes in my thought processes that Karen helped me to make.  If you are in any doubt, call Karen and speak with her and begin a great decision.

D, London

Karen was calm and reassuring. I hadn't known what to expect from hypnotherapy but I felt relaxed and better able to deal with things after working with her. Recommended.

S, Newbury

I wasn't sure what to expect from my sessions with Karen, but I knew it was something i wanted to try and I'm so glad I did them. She makes you feel so relaxed, safe and at ease instantly which makes it an extremely positive experience. Karen brings about a state of focus and awareness whilst you are feeling deeply relaxed and the result is that you feel enabled to be more in control of your thoughts and empowered to deal with things. I definitely feel less anxious and more confident and would not hesitate to highly recommend Karen.



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