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Client Agreement

This agreement is between you (the Client) and Karen Tree (the Hypnotherapist). As such, all references made in this agreement refer to you (the Client) and me/I (the Hypnotherapist).

I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and operate under their Code of Practice and Ethical Framework. In order to provide quality assessment and therapeutic services, I will collect and record personal information relevant to your situation. Most of this data collection will be gathered during the Initial Consultation. I am fully insured to practice and my work is that of a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy that combines psychotherapy with hypnosis. I will seek to provide a 'safe place' to facilitate an environment where you can work towards finding a positive way forward. This will be supported by the hypnotic trance work that we will perform within sessions.


The content of our sessions is confidential. Any personal information gathered as part of the assessment process will be kept securely and, in the interests of your privacy, used only by myself. Your personal information is retained in order to document what happens during sessions, assisting me to provide a relevant and informed service to you. During online hypnotherapy sessions, at no point will any part of the therapy session be filmed or recorded other than in the form of my written notes.

On occasions, I will need to discuss my work with my Supervisor, but will not disclose any details of who you are (i.e. your name). The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that I continue to offer the best possible service to you. There can be occasions when confidentiality needs to be breached; if I believe for you to be at serious harm to yourself or others, then I have a duty of care to act.

Contact between sessions from both parties will be limited to emails or other similar forms of communication. The purpose of this contact will be to arrange future sessions or other similar administrative tasks and will remain brief/professional in nature. No therapeutic work will be performed outside of the sessions themselves.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information gathered by myself during the provision of services is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to another party except when your prior approval has been obtained to:          

a) provide a written report to another professional or agency. eg. a Doctor or a Lawyer; or    


b) discuss your care with another person, eg. a parent, employer or health care provider; or it is summoned by a Court of Law; or failure to disclose the information would, in my opinion, place you or another person at serious risk of harm; or disclosure that is otherwise required by law. 

Access to client information

You are entitled to access your personal information kept on file unless relevant legislation states otherwise. If you require access to your information, please make a formal request via email.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

All sessions, both face to face and online, will last for approximately 60 minutes (unless otherwise agreed). At no point will I make any attempt to encourage/persuade you to continue if your decision is to cease therapy. Conversely, I will also not suggest bringing the therapy to an end unless I feel that I cannot help you any further. If the situation arises where I feel that I can no longer help you, I will do my utmost to suggest possible alternatives in order to support your continued progress.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

At no point are these meetings recorded by either party (other than written notes that either party may wish to make). To maintain the confidential 'safe space' both parties also agree that no other individuals will be in the room (unless agreed by both parties that this is appropriate, such as when working with children). I will ensure that the online platform being used is GDPR compliant. To ensure your well-being, it is suggested that you supply me with the contact details of either another person you wish me to contact or your personal phone number to check that you are in a safe place, should the technology fail.

Fees and Cancellations

You will be made fully aware of the cost of each session before entering into therapy and payment should be made promptly, either before or soon after each session. If you are unable to attend a session for whatever reason, you should make every effort to contact me at least 24 hours in advance. Not doing so could result in you being charged for the session.

Working with Children

Whilst working with children, the responsible adult is welcome to stay in the room (regardless of whether this is in person or online). However, the adult must appreciate that the work completed is carried out between the therapist and the child. As a result, the adult must try and keep input to a minimum.

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